Our showroom hosts the largest selection of high-quality, specialty porcelain and ceramic tiles in the area. Whether you are remodeling a bathroom, renovating an outdoor area, or installing a decorative backsplash, we'll be sure to help you find the perfect match. Our helpful staff are always ready to assist you in assembling a stylish and timeless design for your next project.

Since Sonora Tile & Supply is a special-order supplier, we are able to offer you a massive array of options from several highly regarded tile distributers, including Tileshop and Arizona Tile. Follow the links below to enjoy each of their online catalogs.


Gazzini Antique Lux

Antique Lux is a new generation of marble-look porcelain. Gazzini always has a special approach with their marble looks and, with this line, they are taking advantage of exciting new technology to achieve a final product that truly looks and feels like real marble. The glazes are applied in a way that perfectly follows the surface structure, creating veins that you can feel as well as see.

Sukabumi Select

Sukabumi Select is the preeminent material for pools at high-end resorts and five-star villas throughout the world. It has been used extensively in southeast Asia as the leading luxury lagoon look. Sukabumi Select refers to Island Stone’s carefully curated approach to the offering, blending only the most sought-after hues to ensure a desired natural variation.

Century Geology

Inspired by nature, Geology is a porcelain recreation of slate in 3 colors with the wide shade variation that is characteristic of natural slate’s strong personality. Intended for exterior use, the R11 Grip surface offers the perfect combination of beauty, dependability and safety for outdoor pavements. As a high-fire porcelain product, it provides technical advantages such as strength, a high resistance to temperature variations, and resistance to stains, solvents, and cleaning products. It comes in two modular sizes can be used individually or combined together to create patterns.

Sartoria T-Brick

Sartoria, following on their success with T-Square, introduces T-Brick. It is based on the same concept, drawing on the beauty of traditional Moroccan “Zelijes” tile, but in a rectangular format. To replicate the hand-crafted feel, the bisque has an uneven surface structure with irregular edges and intentional imperfections. The look is completed by using rich glazes to create eight colors that are both complex and nuanced. All colors have variation, but some colors have more dramatic movement than others.


The Concerto series offers a wide array of neutral and smoky color hues. This color palette lends itself beautifully to many styles of design. Due to the breadth of color offerings, this series can be used in combination with natural stone or other tile series, including glass tile. Colors within the series can also be combined to create a customized and cohesive tile design. It is available in seven colors, all available in both a glossy and matte finish. A pencil bullnose trim piece is available and adds flexibility in application. Piece to piece variation in shade or color are inherent in all fired clay products; therefore, it is recommended to mix tiles from several boxes at a time during installation to achieve the best range of color.

Tru Marmi

The Tru Marmi Series is a rectified glazed porcelain. Digital print technology creates some of the same characteristics as some of the most sought-after natural stones, including marble. Because this material is a porcelain product, maintenance risks involved with actual stone are eliminated. There will be noticeable variations in color and movement between pieces.

View Tibur

The Tibur series was inspired by Jerusalem stone, a well-known limestone that has been used for centuries. This porcelain version has some special details that make it especially interesting. Even though it is a rectified tile, the edges are gently chiseled. The surface is also not completely flat; it has some undulation and some areas of indentation to give the feel of old stone. The semi-polishing of the Vintage finish creates a unique effect on the undulated surface and has a soft “rubbed” feel to it. The mosaics - a Herringbone in the Vintage finish and the Intreccio Mosaic in the Natural finish - make this line a complete package.

Moroccan Concrete

Time worn concrete meets Moroccan style in a wide range of earthy color tones. From Light Moss to Ochre to Terra Cotta, these unique colors blend well with the multiple shapes and patterns offered in this collection. Eight solid colors are available in large format sizes, including an on-trend 8” hex and 1 ½ “x 1 ½” mosaics. The series is rounded out by Aziza, a Moroccan-inspired 8x8 decorative motif in four colors, as well as a 3x3 decorative mosaic with a blend of patterns. Moroccan Concrete features StepWise™ technology, making it an ideal selection for indoor and outdoor spaces.